4 Hottest Recruitment Trends In 2014

 By: Akankasha Dewan, Singapore

Published: Jan 06, 2014


Asia – With more proactive recruitment approach being targeted in 2013, various new practices were set in place to ensure optimal hiring strategies.

Moving into 2014, it remains integral to identify which trends are expected to stay this year, as the need to build a strong talent pool remains a key step in driving corporate success.

Here are four leading recruitment trends which will help you create and nurture your dream team in this year:

1) Using data for recruiting

Making recruitment decisions based on data, rather than on instinct, is an immensely popular trend in Asia.  In India, for instance, 52% of recruitment decisions are data-driven, as opposed to the US (22%) and the UK (15%).

But despite data being an established and accurate indicator of a candidate’s true value, HRBoss recently identified the rise of compliance issues when it comes to corporate usage of personal data.  Companies, therefore, are increasingly being warned to adhere to data legislation guidelines when using data to recruit candidates.

2) Social media recruitment

Relying on popular social media tools has been an ongoing recruitment trend for the past few years, and is likely to continue in 2014.

According to Spark Hire, 94% of recruiters plan to use social media to recruit talent. In Southeast Asia specifically, professional social networks was ranked the second top source for finding quality hires, just behind recruitment agencies,

The result is not surprising considering the ease of accessing candidates’ social footprint, and the wide reach social platforms provided by recruitment agencies.

3) Mobile recruiting

Leveraging on the almost “instant” advantage of using mobile devices and technology to source for candidates and search for jobs, mobile platforms have garnered increased popularity over the past few years.

LinkedIn recently reported 59% of candidates use mobile to source for new opportunities and 52% use it to apply for jobs.

Making job advertisements that are mobile-compatible has become fundamental for any recruitment campaign. HRBoss also identified a multitude of start ups which are expected to continue their development of a variety of recruiting-focused mobile phone apps.

4) Positive candidate experience

In an attempt to increase brand popularity, and maintain good reputation levels, companies have now increased efforts to provide a positive experience for candidates right from their first point of contact with the company.

More effective communication strategies and increasingly innovative recruitment tactics have established themselves as standard procedures set in place to make the recruitment process are more marketable and personalised one.

This article was first published on 6 Jan 2014 on Human Resources www.humanresourcesonline.net


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