The 10 Most And Least Stressful Jobs

By: Rebecca Lewis, Global

Published: 6 hours 20 min ago


Global – Everyone is used to a certain level of stress, but there’s no denying some professions are simply more stress-inducing than others.

According to the latest CareerCast report on stressful jobs for 2014, professionals such as audiologists, hair stylists, jewelers and tenured university professors have some of the least stressful jobs in the world.

If none of those career paths float your boat, tailors, dietitians, medical records technicians, librarians, multimedia artists and drill press operators also report extremely low levels of stress at work.

A number of the usual suspects round up the world’s most stressful jobs – which require working in unpredictable environments or dangerous conditions – such as enlisted military personnel, firefighters and airline pilots.

Event coordinators, public relations executives, senior corporate executives and newspaper reporters also rank highly on the list of the most stressful jobs.

Top 10 most stressful jobs

1. Enlisted military personnel

2. Military general

3. Firefighter

4. Airline pilot

5. Event coordinator

6. Public relations executive

7. Corporate executive (senior)

8. Newspaper reporter

9. Police officer

10. Taxi driver

Top 10 least stressful jobs

1. Audiologist

2. Hair stylist

3. Jeweller

4. University professor (tenured)

5. Tailor

6. Dietitian

7. Medical records technician

8. Librarian

9. Multimedia artist

10. Drill press operator

This article was first published on 8 Jan 2014 on Human Resources


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